A history of exceptional quality standards

Hannams was incorporated in April, 1909 with the invention and manufacture of chip bath heaters for the domestic market. Later, the nearly formed company, under the direction of Mr. Hannam expanded its operations to produce chrome-plated ward and operating theatre furniture for public hospitals throughout New South Wales.

By the 1930’s, Hannams was exporting its products throughout, the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia. After the second World War, Hannams added to its hospital range with equipment required for the preparation and distribution of patient meals-an activity which the Company still undertakes today.

In 1977, two brothers joined the Company and brought a new and changed philosophy to the business, which saw an increase in machinery investment as well as a change in the company’s market strategy. A greater emphasis was placed in pursuing market potential within the rail and commercial airline industries as well as commercial kitchens for the hospitality industry.

Our Approach

Not all sheet metal companies are engineering based…

For all its 98 years of manufacturing, Hannams has maintained its traditional business direction and successfully combined this with the latest in machine and design technology to provide products that are built for the purpose as well as meet with customer expectations. From material selection to process specification, the most effective methods of production are evaluated and recommended. In this way, Hannams is able to achieve greater yield capacity, realistic lead-times for its clients in the manufacture of one-off items, small to medium sized runs or higher volume production.

All our employees within Hannams continually strive to work with our customers and offer sound engineering advice in order to provide products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality standard.