Mission & Quality Statement

Hannams prides itself in providing a range of customer designed metal fabricated products for our customers, whilst at the same time maintaining a conscious awarness of ethical, saftey and professional standards.

Our in-house quality procedures have been developed to ensure that products are produced in a timely and cost effective manner and at the same time, meeting respective Australian Standards.

It is through attention to detail during each production stage that down time and costly delays are minimised. As a Quality Endorsed Company our customers can be confident and trust that the final product will meet their every expectation.

The objectives of the Company are as follows:

  • Provide outstanding customer service and reliability at all times,
  • Ensure that all products manufactured are of the highest quality and meet the clients expectations,
  • Provide quality workmanship by committed and trained personel,
  • Operate competitively usuing raw materials that meet the highest industrial standards,
  • Conduct all business operations in a professional, ethical and timely manner