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For the past 40 years, Hannams has built a world wide reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of quality galley and cabin inserts for commercial aircraft. Tailored designs and durable materials combined with customer support has resulted in our range of products being nominated by airline in-flight catering operations world wide.

Our strategy:

Hannams Aviation aims to anticipate and support the needs of its clients by responding to the new challenges of the market.

Our engineering staff are continually investigating new materials and incorporating these into new designs to enhance it's products and services. Examples of our current and future challenges are:

  • Reducing the weight and bulk of in-flight equipment and assistance to improve aircraft performance.
  • Developing ergonomic, modular concepts to improve maintenance and productivity.
  • Expanding our range of sales support services for airline customers.
  • Producing inserts that are both robust, functional and meet the safety challenges required by airline operators and their flight crew.
  • Introducing new designs and functions as well as comprehensive and integrated cabin solutions that produce a difference in the market place for airlines and for the improvement of passenger satisfaction.



Our product portfolio includes a range of inflight full and half size meal, waste and beverage carts produced to ATLAS, KSSU standards as well as customised designs.


meal carts

Full size Meal Cart

Hannams supplies light weight and durable in-flight meal and beverage carts using high grade aluminium alloys.

All carts have the following technical features:

  • Body
    Modular construction with interchangeable individual panels, comprising of door, side, base, top. This facilitates ease of parts replacement and lowers maintenance costs.
  • Finish
    Decorative laminate to airline specifications. Top panel is constructed out of "Stucco" embossed stainless steel sheet.
  • Latches and Locks
    Proven latch type mechanism. Also available on options are slam latch, three points latch, special "pilfer" proof locks for bar/sales carts.
  • Brake
    Four-wheel brake with two pedals system. Red for brake. Green for brake release.
  • Certification
    Structurally certified to FAA requirements complying to FAR 25.853 (a-1).



Half size Beverage Cart

Specification details as above.

As illustrated, the half size cart features standard 60mm aluminium runner pitch to accommodate seven standard Atlas drawers or fourteen full size meal service trays.

Carts are available in standard blue or light grey exterior panelling or can be supplied with a customised colour at cost.



KSSU Standard Unit (container)

Technical Features

  • All aluminium constructions.
  • Custom build to specifications
  • Door constructed out of AI 7075 T6 alloy
  • Proven design
  • Light weight
  • Slam lock type


  • Pressed or deep drawn runners
  • Twist locks.



Atlas Standard Units

Produced from 6000 series alloys.

Technical Features

  • All aluminium constructions.
  • Custom build to specifications
  • Door constructed out of AI 7075 T6 alloy
  • Proven design
  • Light weight
  • Slam lock type


  • Also produced from polypropylene to the colours shown in the image.
  • Aluminium Standard Units can be produced in various anodised coloured finishes as shown in the image.
  • Pressed or deep drawn runners
  • Twist locks.



Atlas Standard Oven Rack

Technical Features:

  • An hygienic solution to oven rack design
  • No more riveted runners
  • No more dirt traps
  • Special anti slipping features
  • Runners forming an integral part of the body
  • Universally proven, the strongest oven rack you can find
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Designed for rough handling and abuse
  • Constructed out of high strength 6000 series heat treated alloy UTS 32 kg/
  • Unit is designed to withstand at least 500 lbs/226 kg without deflection.



Polypropylene Drawers

Manufactured from polypropylene plastic for use within Atlas full and half sized meal/beverage carts and universal standard containers (aluminium or plastic).

The drawers are of a rigid design and feature two recessed runners on either side with 60mm spacing together with a label position for ID purposes.

Standard translucent or opaque colours are available - white,blue,red or black.

They are immediately available and can be supplied either unbranded or with customised branding.

Sizes available:

  • 375mmL x 270mmW x 100mmH,
  • 375mmL x 270mmW x 110mmH,
  • 375mmL x 270mmW x 115mmL.