Safety & O.H.S Policy

The management of Hannams is continually assessing the safety policy of the company and identifying possible hazards and risks that may impact on the day to day performance of its employees and the business environment as a whole.

Staff and managers undergo continual training in Occupational Health & Saftey (OH&S) issues in line with NSW WorkCover requirements. OH&S policies and regulations are clearly displayed in the Hannams workplace for observance and awarness by every employee.

The objective of Hannams is to identify hazards and unsafe work practices while at the same time developing a culture amongst every employee for personal safety and work practices.

The policy at Hannams is very much based on personal responsibility towards the avoidance of injury and taking unnecessary risks. Not only do risks and unsafe practices cause injury, but they cost the business financially as well as effecting lost production time and create delays for our customers.

Hannams supports and continually stresses safe practices with all employees through its 5 Step Personal Hazard Assessment Programme (PHAP);

  • Step 1-Stop and Look
  • Step 2-Think Through the Task
  • Step 3- Identify The Hazard
  • Step 4-Control and Communicate
  • Step 5- Do the Task Safely-Ask the question:Can the task be done safely?
    If not, Stop and Contact your supervisor immediately.