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Rail Galley (Buffet Car) Equipment

Hannams has many years of experience in developing and producing custom-designed galley monuments and inserts for on-board rail food and beverage service.

Our variety of composite and traditional materials for the monument structure are designed to be both sturdy, fully integrated and space saving, as well as functionally built for a rail environment. Our monuments our finished with décor fittings and fixtures that are aesthetically enhancing in order to compliment the total rail experience.

The engineering and design team at Hannams consider all requirements – food preparation, passenger service, cleaning and maintenance as well as regulatory requirements in order to produce a high quality product to meet customer expectations.

Rail Signalling Hardware

Hannams have over 25 years experience in producing metal fabricated hardware for the rail industry both in NSW and Interstate. We have worked with Railcorp in NSW in developing and producing aluminium and stainless steel location cases (LOC) for signalling renewal groups throughout the CityRail network and direct to infrastructure companies for major projects throughout Australia.

We are a leading company in the manufacture of signalling metal hardware including location cabinets, relay and termination racks, electrical signals, elevated platforms, signal cages and miscellaneous support equipment. Our long time customers include RailCorp of NSW, Westinghouse Australia, John Holland Rail, Leighton's, QR, Ansaldo - STS and Downer EDI. We have the capabilities and experience to design and manufacture signalling products to meet your particular requirements.

Hannams has a varied range of sheet metal, CNC machinery together with TIG/MIG welding, polishing, powder coating facilities, which allow us to produce engineered rail products from a range of raw materials - stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and galvanised steel. Hannams has the capabiities to manufacture LOC's, termination and relay racks and supply to the customer fully wired to meet the particular network requirements.

Past and present projects:-

◼ Hornsby re-signalling project.
◼ East Hills Upgrade
◼ Blacktown re-signalling project.
◼ Enfield Marshalling Yard Project
◼ Olympic Link Project
◼ Airport Link Project
◼ Dapto-Bomaderry re-signalling Project
◼ Branxton-Whittingham Project
◼ Wyong Signalling Upgrade
◼ Homebush/Lidcombe Turnback Project
◼ Lower North Shore Signalling Upgrade
◼ Macdonaltown Upgrade
◼ Sydney Yard
◼ K2RQ
◼ Epping-Chatswood Project
◼ Cronulla Duplication Project
◼ Southern Freight Line
◼ Dummore Upgrade
◼ NovoRail
- Clyburn Junction Project
- Auburn Junction Project
- Glenfield Junction Alliance
- Liverpool Turnback
◼ Auburn Stabling Project

Lamp Reflectors

Lamp Hoods

Fabricated Base Support

Alum and Stainless Steel Location Cabinets - Single or Double Skin

Aluminium Jeumont Schneider (JS) Cable Channel

Galvanised Steel Troughing (GST)

Signal Gantries

Galvanised Steel Pit Covers

Mild Steel Posts

Mileage Posts

Mild Steel and Aluminium Termination/Relay/Microlock Equipment Racking

Ballast Cages for Track Drainage

Hannams has had many years experience in supplying RailCorp and other rail networks within Australia with a purpose built fully welded galvanised steel cage to sit over concrete drainage sumps to alleviate ballast stone from encroaching into the drainage pit and at the same time providing an effective means for draining excess water away from the ballast bed and track area.

Ballast cages are manufactured using a heavy duty mild steel fully welded frame, fully braced with rigid weld mesh panels. Appropriate lifting handles are provided for safe handling of the ballast cage to and from the drainage pit area. All ballast cages are with half size removable lids to allow inspection of the drainage pit via appropriate rail corridor staff. Our ballast cages are manufactured in compliance with RailCorp standard #CV0400998 and are used throughout the metropolitan network.

All ballast cages are manufactured to the following pit sizes or can be produced to suit a particular drainage pit or ballast bed configuration:-

◼ 450 x 450 ◼ 600 x 600 ◼ 600 x 900 ◼ 900 x 900 ◼ 900 x 1200 ◼ 1200 x 1200

Past and present projects:-

◼ Sydney Northwest Metro Project,
◼ Melbourne Metro Project,
◼ Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Levelling Crossing Removal Programme,
- NEPA, Rosanna Bridge Project,
- WPA Project,
- NWPA Project,
- SEPA, Stratford Bridge Project,
- LCRPDT- Caulfield to Dandenong,
◼ Ballarat Regional Rail Upgrade,
◼ Auburn Stabling Yard,
◼ Enfield InterModal Marshalling Yard,
◼ Albury Marshalling Yard,
◼ Inland Rail Project – Parkes to Northern Star (Moree)

Galley Equipment and Inserts


Full and half size meal, waste and beverage carts.

Full size meal cart

Half size beverage cart

KSSU Standard Unit (Ccontainer)

Atlas Standard Units

Atlas Standard Oven Rack

Polypropylene drawers